Dispute Resolutions Solicitors

Our dispute resolutions solicitors offer legal advice, resolve disputes, and provide expert support to defend your best interests.

Resolve a dispute

Our solicitors resolve legal disputes

We can deal with your dispute no matter what stage it is at, from initial correspondence to enforcement of court orders. We can help settle disputes before they reach litigation. Whether it’s a local dispute or one that transcends borders we can help.

Experienced dispute resolution team

Our dispute resolution team have a wide variety of experience and expertise in dispute resolution, whether you’re involved in a dispute with a neighbour, with an ex partner, a shareholder in your business or an employer, we can help.

Our solicitors here some of whom are members of the CIARB will be able to help no matter what the issue is at hand and offer solutions and guidance, help strategize your case.

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We can help with all national dispute cases, and also have expertise in international commercial arbitration