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Our specialist media and defamation solicitors offer reputation management and guidance to upcoming and established media personalities.

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We have helped people in the music, Tv and Film, video game, influencers record labels and publishing companies. We have negotiated licenses and contract deals and ensured our clients best interests were represented.

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Our Media and entertainment team has a deep understanding of the industry, which helps us understand our clients needs better this coupled with our legal expertise makes us the natural choice for anyone looking for a bespoke service.

With the growth of social media and online publications, there has been an exponential growth in businesses and individuals being defamed.

What is defamation?

A defamation is an untrue statement made by one person and communicated to third party, this statement can be in written form also known as Libel (this includes video and audio recordings) or communicated verbally (not in a published format) to a third party, this is known as slander.

If you have been a victim of defamation or a malicious falsehood, we can help.