Family Law Solicitors

Here at Cloude Law, we understand how challenging a breakdown in a marriage can be, which is why our Family Solicitors are friendly, supportive and sympathetic when providing legal advice at what is one of the most distressing times for a family to deal with.

Resolve a dispute

Our solicitors resolve family law issues.

Whether you are going through a separation, divorce or dissolving a civil partnership, our solicitors will make sure you are fully aware of your legal rights which is one less stress off your shoulders. We are here to offer our continued support and re-assurance, whilst providing our sound and impartial advice.

As well as dealing with the breakdown of the relationship, we also deal with the financial aspects of the marriage, tailoring our advice on a case by case basis to best meet our client’s needs. We can offer advice on how the divorce or separation may affect your finances and will take every step to ensure your matrimonial finances are secured and fairly distributed.

If there are children involved, we will ensure they are offered protection, support and compassion. Our team members are fully equipped and have the sensitivity to help the children navigate their emotions through this testing time. We work collaboratively with local mediators to create a solid support system, and pride ourselves on finding the best possible outcome for your family.