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Our commercial property lease solicitors pride themselves on providing expert advice to business owners to resolve all types of issues that arise when leasing a commercial property.

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Our solicitors resolve issues with commercial property leases.

We have numerous specialists who provide legal advice from issues that may arise in commercial property leases such as possession, insurance and maintenance issues.

Do I need a commercial lease?

So you are moving into a commercial property for your business, the location is ideal. The landlord has given you the keys and you have agreed to pay him every month. Job done? If only life was as straightforward.

In reality, in the absence of a well drafted and negotiated lease you have numerous issues which could potentially cost you substantially.

Lets take the above example to begin with, the obvious issue, what is the tenant taking possession of? The whole property? Part of it? Who is responsible for the insurance? The maintenance etc

So do you need a lease? If you are serious about your business and want to ensure your investment is safe you most definitely need a commercial lease solicitor

Do I need a solicitor to draft or review my commercial lease?

A commercial lease is a complex document, and more often then not people look at this as an expense they can do without.

Our commercial disputes department is kept very busy dealing with disputes amongst landlords and tenants, disputes which could have easily been avoided with a well drafted lease, or had the lease been reviewed and the terms been negotiated accordingly.

Our commercial lease solicitors, deal with both landlords and tenants from start to completion and ensure the best possible result is achieved for our clients.

We painstakingly look through each term in the commercial lease, consider the implications of each term and its possible meanings. We then advise our clients and recommend changes we consider to both fair and protect our clients interest to the terms of the commercial lease.

This gives our clients the best possible start to their relationship with their landlord. It reduces the possibility of disputes or damage to both parties and ensures misunderstandings are minimised.

Why Choose Cloude Law as your Commercial Lease Solicitors? 

We have a specialist team of commercial lease experts. Our experts deal with all aspects of commercial leases. Our team has dealt with most businesses and understands business needs, requirements and can ensure the lease provides for your business needs.

Below are some of the business types our specialist solicitors drafted Commercial leases for:

  • Fast food takeaways
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Dentists
  • GP surgerys
  • Nail bars
  • Car showrooms
  • Car dealerships
  • MOT stations
  • Clinics
  • And many more.

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